Eve Margus-Villems

Eve Margus-Villems

Estonian Academy of Arts


Eve Margus-Villems is a jewellery artist living and working in Estonia. She is a one of the members of õhuLoss / Castle in the Air, and  known by engraved works of different materials: iron and ivory, marble and horn – both inorganic and organic substances.


What I will share

Adam’s Side Wound by Eve Margus-Villems, a cast iron square with brutal edges and a slight gaping gash in the center to infer the painful origin of the sexes, the slicing open of man in order to create the beginnings of our collective existence. As is a singular rib, it is a small but stoic object that carries profound significance and expresses raw vulnerability: qualities magnified by her choice to leave the wound open and that it is cast in iron, a corporeal and connotative material. As is prominent in many of her works, Margus-Villems is unconfined by the perimeters and limitations of time and with the power often attributed to relics or historic artifacts, she intelligently conveys the differences and influences of gender without judgement or holistic conclusion.

“RÕHULOSS - Presented by Castle in the Air “  An exhibition review by Erinn M. Cox

Published: 14.12.2018


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