Urmas Lüüs

Urmas Lüüs

Estonian Academy of Arts


What I will share

If you want to make something clear, you have to get your hands dirty. Experience provides credibility; it offers an opportunity to be more alive. By poking around in the dirt, you can find something that does not come from others.

Conveying extremely tense situations like this in a very physical way is something that Urmas Lüüs does masterfully. These situations function perfectly as triggers for personal associations. You are repulsed by your own wrongdoing and hurt by your tears. The artist uses general symbols to express his self-mythology.

Love may be seen as proof of being alive. Anyone who has felt, would prescribe to this. Love creates openness. Most commonly, love is the maximum projection of oneself onto another, but with greater souls this projection spreads out to all. This way, love for all creation is born, finding expression in both religious mysticism and selfless humanity. But how can we talk about love?

I have called this kind of perceptual alertness „pärisus“ (´actuality`); Estonian theologist Uku Maasing has a wonderful expression, „elusamus“ (´being more alive`). This is derived from a native American word that could be translated as „being awake“. „Elusamus“, or being increasingly alive, could be the meaning and aim of a life. But can such actuality become dangerous? Can a person get too close to oneself?

Tanel Veenre

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