Nils Hint

Nils Hint

Estonian Academy of Arts



If mastering any craft gives someone a power over the material world then already existing things/objects can transform, change, become useless or gain function again. In other words they can enter a never stopping rollercoaster of their cultural meanings.

A broken lathe can be repaired.

An old chipping hammer can become a lever for a tensioning mechanism of the flat belt pulley gear system.

Artwork made from 8mm steel rods can become nails.

Car can be made into many useful things.

A High-pressure gas cylinder can become a vessel carrying a manifestation of human connection.

Found 1" water pipe can become an oxygen lance to be used as an emergency cutting tool while operating a cupola furnace made of 200l oil barrel to melt radiators for casting radiators.

A wrench can become a spoon.

A spoon can become a wrench. Cutlery can become cutlery can become cutlery.



Nils Hint is artist and blacksmith living and working in Tallinn, Estonia. Since 2014 he works as associate professor at the Department of Jewelry and Blacksmithing in the Estonian Academy of Arts.


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