Ambrose Burne

Ambrose Burne

Hereford College of the Arts GB


Performative function ~ the power of (the object) to effect change in the world, it can function as a form of social action. How can an object exert force? 

For this exhibition I have made a small, unassuming object, however, this object is the representation of the vehicle that enabled an idea of an individual to become a collective phenomenon. The 150mm challenge #, a forged steel object version of the digital icon; using ancient techniques to objectify the metaverse. 

This little object is the punctuation point of a larger project ~ the 150mm challenge. A project that originated from a sculpture that I made as a ‘calling card’ object to be placed in galleries and at craft fairs; a small artwork made from forged steel that demonstrated the potential and qualities of the material in a tangible form. I placed a constraint of using 150mm of steel stock as the starting point to give my explorations in metal clear parameters. 

This project concept of working with the starting point of 150mm of steel stock was offered up to the blacksmithing community. Initially, to the students I work with at HCA who then started using Instagram to share the results of their explorations ~ #150. This brought the project to the attention of the broader blacksmithing community and the rest, as they say, is history. 

This unassuming icon # became the vehicle for an idea to be shared. The object that I have made for this exhibition is one that represents an idea, an idea that through its sharing, through the community that it enabled became a force to be reckoned with. 


Ambrose Burne (BA hons) A designer maker of forged metal sculptures and architectural ironwork. Senior Lecturer on BA Artist Blacksmithing at Hereford College of Arts. Through personal practice, teaching and participation within the blacksmithing community, Ambrose actively engages in the interrogation of what being a blacksmith means today.

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