Urmas Lüüs

Urmas Lüüs

Estonian Academy of Arts



For me performative function of daily objects is one of the main driving force to start a new piece. I have called it "the silent choreographer". Position of the rooms, houses, streets and roads dictate hove me move and position ourselves in the space. The way we sit is defined by chairs. The way we walk follows our footwear. Stilettos, army boots and running shoes force us to step in a different way. There has always been one big question for me "how people create things and things create people". When polar bear comes too far to the south, he dies. If a jaguar comes too far to the north, he dies. I have golden fishes next to my fireplace. Aquarium is like a pixel of a lake or ocean. People invented space suits to go to the Moon. Aquarium is the space suit of goldfishes. Material culture was the space suit of early Homo Sapiens and neanderthal people. Material culture has changed the needs and possibilities of human beings so much that we can never go back collectively to the basis of hunter-gatherers. Mobile phones have changed how we communicate. Tools have changed the way how we interact with materials. Invention of farming and agriculture has changed the way how we get food. We become helpless without computers and internet. As an artist I have a hunter-gatherer mindset. My studio is a mess. Some people compare it with the cabinet of curiosities, some people with a scrapyard. I almost never start from the blank page. Those objects are my humus, my studio is my alchemical laboratory where one object is turned into another. The function of objects is a source of endless inspiration. Every act with our daily objects is a little performance. Trying to walk across the room with a coffee cup that is too full. Lifting weights in the gym. Driving a car from one road to another, orchestrated by streetlights. As an artist I love to change to function of objects, force people to use daily things in an uncommon way. Through creating usable objects, I also become a silent choreographer like architects or shoemakers.

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