Piret Hirv

Piret Hirv

Estonian Academy of Arts



We are always looking for something bigger than ourselves, something beyond the horizon – either elusively far away or very close. Lands are sought and explored first by wandering, then by mapping the territory of the inner universe. The most determined ones can get quite close to the core of being. 

One formula for understanding the surrounding has still not been found. Reflection and repetition of the known can help to understand and mediate what is seen and experienced. Perception and reception depend on how the already familiar and the as yet unknown are able materialize for the viewer what has been seen beyond the horizon. One is certain, this cannot be calculated. One must expect the unexpected.


Piret works as an Associate Professor in the Jewellery and Blacksmithing department at the Estonian Academy of Arts. Member of the jewellery group õhuLoss.

Works are represented at the Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design as well as in private collections. 

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