Lina Söderberg

Lina Söderberg

University Gothenburg Sweden


I am a storyteller without words. My language is that of steel and blisters, where every noun and detail is slowly added one to the other.

Material, places and time. These are the concrete things that make up our three dimensional, physical world. The fourth dimension is a power beyond all. It flows free from the laws of nature, free from gravity and time, matter and logic. Still it uses them all to its benefits. The fourth dimension is the thirst for making up stories, to tell events into existence. To make sense. And nonsense.

This is a story from the outskirts of my garden, where the bumblebees meet with whispers from the vast forest beyond. Ones upon a time a great giant resided here. It stretched its top towards the sky and its roots deep down into the earth itself. Maybe it was the first and oldest of its kind? As earth turned through the black space nights and the bright radiation of the sun, the giant increased its power and wisdom. Until one day.



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