Karl Hallberg

Karl Hallberg

University Gothenburg Sweden



To me the forth dimension of objects, described as the force or performative function,

What object can in itself perform force – is it an object then?

Powerful objects can be objects that are symbols of force – uniforms of police perform force without actions actually being carried out, the presence of athority is enough.

Could it be that the performative function can be described as the effect of imagination? The object  makes us imagine. For example, tools are objects that speak to us makers as possibilities of processing materials it starts in our imagination and experience.

What object makes us as viewers of art start imagining

In this series called Faceless – I use found objects and cast aluminium to create objects that both leave room for the imagination of the viewer and at the same time talk about the force of human belief and conviction or imagination. The viewers must decide if they possess any force.


I am a maker, making and repairing objects is part of my person. I spend my time learning techniques and trying materials that I come across. With my roots in traditional hot forging, I work with metal in all forms. My works are often based on narratives originating from thoughts, conversations or events near and far away, processed in the workshop in a dialogue with different materials
To me metal is material, history and poetry.





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